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Flipper Jumping For Joy!

Now here's something I don't do too often; hurrying to publish something at the bequest of someone else. HowEVER, since it was my dear departed Mom (yes, she's on the other side now - since June of 2002) who made the (rather urgent) request to drop everything else I was doing at the moment and hurry and publish these photos I took this afternoon of an intriguing "cloud" formation, I figured it was something I should probably do.

She approached me this evening while I was sitting at my desk working on a colored pencil drawing I've had in the works for a while. I sensed her presence immediately and I said to her,

"Mom! You're here!!" and she said to me,

"No, YOU'RE here!!" and I replied,

"Um... well, are you sure because I don't feel any different...?"

To which she responded, "You'll understand soon"... there's that word again... soon. Sounds like someone else that I also know and Love well, LOL.

So, I kept drawing on my picture for a while. Mom and I spent some time chit-chatting for a few minutes, then I got up and went into to kitchen to fetch a "guilty pleasure" (some hard cider we got yesterday, yum!). Evidently, it was my identifying that I need more "guilty pleasures" in my life and the feeling it gave me to recognize that I really need to "give" to myself more that incited my Mom's appearance at that particular time.

I went into the kitchen, popped open a cold one and sat down at the kitchen table with the jar of pink salt and my mortar and pestle because I realized earlier in the day that I needed to grind some more into the fine powdery dust that we like to use to sprinkle on our food (the salt in the jar I find too coarse for casual use) ... Anyway, there was Mom, right there with me, and she reminded me of the photos I took earlier this afternoon... and suggested I put them up on my website. And I thought that was a great idea and kept grinding... and it was then that she became rather insistent. So I went downstairs, started up the computer, got ready to transfer images from my camera to my photos library, and then the computer crashed. Seems to be a problem we've been having with the version of the G-Force video card we have. Sigh...

So, restart the computer... but pointless to wait on it as it needs to verify and repair ... I'm still not sure I understand that but... so upstairs to the laptop. And here I am... And here they are.

It really looks like Flipper (the bottle nosed dolphin) IS jumping for Joy!! Must be something really awesome coming... wink, wink... BTW these are just as I took them. The only thing I did to them was to make them smaller so they would fit on my web page. Enjoy!!

Flipper 1

Flipper 2

Flipper 3

Flipper 4

We hope you have enjoyed viewing these! And please feel free to share them if you feel so inclined!!

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