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By Ariel DeAngelis

May 13, 2015

This morning in my meditation a question that one of my Dear Human Angel friends posed to me in conversation yesterday ~ this in regard to the concept that we’ve all been conditioned with that we need to take in “nourishment” or “energy” to facilitate the continuance of our physical form came to mind. In the course of that conversation we had discussed the fact that we are ALREADY ”energy”, and she asked me, quite pointedly as I recall,

“If I AM energy, then why would I need to “take in” energy?”

Very good question! I didn’t have an answer for her right away, but after I thought about it for a moment I settled on what was perhaps a “blanket” or “cop out” answer. I told her that it was one of those things that has become a “perception” of ours, that even though we already ARE energy, because of where we are and how we live and THINK, we think we need to take in “nourishment” (energy) from outside ourselves in order to survive. The fact is that this is one of those things which we have been conditioned to believe over the millennial. It’s actually not true.

When she asked me that question though, it suddenly dawned on me that the true purpose for the “exercises” I have been putting myself through over the last few weeks to become self-sufficient in that regard (sourcing the energy I thought I needed by myself with no assistance from Michael whatsoever) was NOT necessarily so that I could learn to access “Source” energy on my own. It was so that I would eventually remember and recognized that I AM Source energy, pure and free-flowing infinitely, and there is no need to “source” it from anywhere else other than from within my own being!

So this morning after my meditation, as I was standing at the bathroom sink washing my hands I asked the question myself “if I AM energy, then why do I “need” energy?”

And Michael’s voice answered clearly in my head with one word,


FaithI asked him, “fealty? I’m not sure what that is exactly”, and he told me that if I didn’t understand it then I should go look it up (he does that a lot, LOL). So I did. As I was looking for my dictionary I began to recall that “fealty” is basically a kind of “loyalty” and I thought “what? Even though I AM energy I “need” energy to be ”loyal” to myself?”

Interestingly, as I thumbed through my dictionary, I first came across the now obsolete, adjective “feal”, which means basically “faithful” or “loyal”…

And that word “Faith” rang out and stuck in my head (as you might expect). I thought about it.

The energy that I AM is my Faith in (and loyalty to) myself.

And then I considered one other thing that I told my friend yesterday regarding the nature of “God” as it were that all of us, everything together, makes up what we’ve become accustomed to referring to as “God”. Because of the way that through that collective energy, each of us IS “God” within ourselves, the energy that we ARE, could be viewed as the entire “Universe” being present within our being. Even as we are, in our physical form as Earth Humans, I realized that having Faith in myself IS to understand the true nature of what I am (what we ALL are really). That is why I had reached a point a couple of weeks back where I knew that I couldn’t depend on Michael’s help any longer to access that energy. It’s because I have access to it already… I always have, though at that point I didn’t understand why. It IS what I AM! I AM the Universe!!

Essentially, the only thing that Michael could ever do with regard to that was to hold up a “mirror” for me to “sort of” show me what I was supposed to be seeing, but even that wasn’t enough because effectively all he was doing was showing it to me from HIS point of view. What I REALLY needed to do was to look at MYSELF from the inside out , and that was the only way I would truly understand that I really don’t need anyone, or anything to be what I already am, or to change it in any way if I so choose.

Have I figured out how to do that yet (change it that is)? Well, not fully. There are some things I’ve pretty well got the hang of and I’m working on the rest and gradually coming to success, but even taking that into consideration I’ve still “come  along way Baby!!”

At least now I understand and accept Faith in myself which (perception of) I seemed to be lacking before (it was actually always there, I just wasn’t recalling it).

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