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Calling All Angels ~ October 2, 2013

Calling All Angels ~ On this Heavenly Day I put forth a Heartfelt plea to All Angels – Soul Essences here on Earth and All around wherever you may be, to reach into the Divine Centers of your Sacred Hearts and look in Wonderment at All of Creation with eyes of the children you once were and Are once again. Behold in awe All That Is; your Brothers and Sisters. Reveal with Compassion and Gratitude the Brilliance and Magnanimity of your True BEing in FULLNESS as part of the Universal Truth which you have always been. We are All ready for this ~ the only way we could “not” be ready is by not knowing that we have always been, ready, and in Truth, we’ve always known we ARE ready. We had forgotten, but we’ve RE-MEMBERED now. And so, I AM calling on US ALL to step forward and show OURSELVES as the LIGHT of LOVE that WE ALL ARE … we are made of It. We have made it… WE HAVE MADE IT! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X11

Love forever, ~Ariel~

Calling All Angels



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