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By Ariel DeAngelis

The BanquetThe “Father” is not only celebrating the return of the “Prodigal Son”.

The “Father” is also celebrating the return of Love to his home, to his heart.

Because the “Father” Loves ALL equally, unconditionally, the ensuing banquet is meant for ALL.

Hence, ALL are invited to celebrate in the banquet in honor of the return of Love to the “Father’s” home.

You can choose to stand at the door gnashing your teeth, insisting on having the perception that you weren’t invited, or you can enter the “Father’s” home, and your own heart, with everyone and join the dance, and the celebratory banquet in honor of the return of Unconditional Love, the return of the “Son”. It is your free will choice, as always.

Judge not. For in judging we place conditions on Love, and then it is no longer Unconditional.  Because the “Father” Loves ALL Unconditionally, the “Father” cannot judge the “Son”. For the “Father” to judge the “Son” the “Father” would also by default be judging himself, because the “Son” is a Universal and inseparable part of the “Father”, just as we are a Universal and inseparable part of “God”. Does “God judge “God’s Self”? And perhaps you would ask “Why would God do that?” and the answer is “God doesn’t, and perhaps neither should we”. On the inside we are ALL the same Divine Angelic Beings of Light, infinitely and Unconditionally Loved and Loving within our “God-Selves”.

We are ALL a Universal and inseparable part of “God”. ALL extensions of that “Source of All That Is” whose greatest desire is to experience through us as extensions of Itself as much as possible, ALL for the purpose of KNOWING Itself better, and Loving Itself more, expanding that [Unconditional] Love forever more, exponentially, throughout ALL Creation. What a fabulous journey we have been on, and now we are ALL coming home! Welcome! Welcome Home Dear Brothers and Sisters! Welcome Home! ♥ ♥ ♥


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