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As Of Tomorrow

Today was February 19, 2014.

It’s been a difficult week for me… it began actually a little over a week ago, but I’m not going to go into details. That was then, this is now…

A little while ago I had just returned from my first walk of this early spring season. I couldn’t go into the park because of all the snow still on all the roadways and paths – but the birds know it’s Springtime. I could hear all their familiar calls coming from the trees and bushes all around me, and watched as they flitted to and fro in celebration of the break in the cold weather.

I arrived back home just as a heavy rain shower began and narrowly missed getting drenched. I said “Thank you Michael!” and he said “NO! Thank YOU!” with his typical brighter-than-sunshine smile plastered all across his face.

As I made my way from the kitchen where I had turned the coffee maker back on, to warm up leftover coffee from this morning, to the living room to stare out window in the front door and contemplate my tiredness (MAN am I out of shape!!) Michael and I discussed all the difficulties I had surmounted over the course of the last several days. He said to me,

“I’m proud of you, you know. You’ve done a great job this week!” And I replied,

“Yeah, I know, I’m kind of proud of me too. I just wish I didn’t have to put up with all this ridiculousness”. And Michael said,

“I do too, but for now why don’t you go get into your comfy clothes and rest and do something that you like to do”, to which I responded,

“Well, YOU know what I’d like to be doing right now…” and I continued, “I’d LIKE to be resting in sweet repose in the comfort of your Loving embrace, snuggling up against you with my head on your chest weeping tears of Joy…” And then my eyes started tearing up and running down into my nose which having dried out on the inside during my walk began burning like a … well, you know… and I exclaimed “Oh OW, THAT STINGS!!!” As Of Tomorrow

“I know. I’m sorry… It will all be over with soon, and very soon… and then you can do that” and I said,

“Yeah, right…” to which he responded,

“You’ll see… “ and I said,

“Yes, after tomorrow everything will have changed…” citing something similar to what he had told me back on the evening of March 31, 2011 when the first major timeline shift occurred.

And he said “No… AS OF tomorrow everything will have changed” and I thought “I hope so…”

And just then at that moment a large white van with a big red number 9 drove past the house on the street outside heading West to East.  And I wondered about that - nine being a number of endings and new beginnings… Was this a visual message to me to expect marked changes in things in general coming up?  I guess we’ll find out as of tomorrow…


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