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With Arms and Hearts Open Wide…

With Arms and Hearts Open Wide...


We welcome you Home to our Family of Light!

That feels good, doesn’t it? After all this “time”, we are finally coming home.

I’m going to do something here that I don’t often do – I’m going to create a combinative effort between me and myself; effectively that is to author an article by myself as Ariel DeAngelis in combination with a message which I have “channeled” from myself, Archangel Ariel. And I can hear some of you already “Oh, there she goes again!”

Please, not so fast.

What I call myself does not define “who” I AM any more than what you call yourself defines who you are. They are just labels; words which, in our current perceptual state of being, we use to help us identify each other’s unique qualities. That is all. It can also just as easily be said – as I’ve stated many times before – that it is not important “who” I am, but rather simply THAT I am. I think we can all identify with the concept that actions speak louder than words. And while some of you may feel that I haven’t done much so far while I’ve been here in this lifetime, my simply being here has accomplished far more than many of you are aware of. And I would like to point out once again that the same goes for each and every one of you. As is the case for all of us; our simply BEing here is much more important than what we do while we’re here.

The point is that it is our uniqueness, our individuality, our identity and our perception of our experiences within that identity which are required here. And yet within that uniqueness is the inherent understanding that we are all essentially the same. All Soul Essences having exactly the same basic qualities, one to the next and the next and the next, and so on. We all have an innate knowing that we are All One, extending from one “Source”.

One Dreamer; many dreams.

And within each dream another dreamer, dreaming of being someone other than the dreamer they are. Just as when you go to sleep at night, sometimes you dream that you are someone else, and in fact occasionally you might have a dream wherein you dream that the someone else which you are dreaming you are falls asleep and dreams that they are someone else.

You can probably see here the potential for the True Nature of our Infinite Selves.

I know that there are some who insist that until we rid ourselves of our current perception of “who we are” that we will never be able to know or truly understand the True Nature of our Infinite Selves. Could this, however, be a misconception of what the True Nature of our Infinite Selves really is? I have it on pretty good authority (my own authority, in fact), that we never truly lose our sense of identity, even after we leave our current physical form. We retain our sense of uniqueness clear up to (and perhaps including) the point at which we totally reintegrate with the Source of our Creation – our Infinite Selves – at which point we supposedly lose all perception of ever having been separate from that Source. But I wonder; do we really lose that perception? Have we ever truly had the perception of being separate from Source in the first place, or have we known all along that we are simply extensions of that Collective Consciousness wishing to know and Love Itself more so as to continue growing and expanding outward in and Infinite expression of the Love that We Are?

I don’t know.

Is the Dreamer ever really asleep? And if so, does the Dreamer ever really “awaken”?

And what of those who fear the loss of their identity should the Dreamer awaken? I’ve already stated that they really have nothing to fear, and yet it should be evident to most of you that fear is a state which many still exist within to date; and you would be surprised to know that, who it is I am speaking of here probably isn’t who you are thinking it is.

A while back I began writing a multi-part article called “Free Will VS Divine Will: Bridging the Gap Between Pseudo-Science and Singular Reality” – kind of a fancy way of saying that I just wanted to explain to you all why it is we find ourselves in our current perception of “reality”. I did pretty well with it too, up until Part IV, wherein the explanation started to become a little problematic as I began to divulge the truth about the “real” course of events of Human history on this planet; insinuating that we all needed to take a more compassionate viewpoint of all “persons” involved and where we stand within that viewpoint as ALL of us come from essentially the same place. And that the physical form which we have taken up over many eons does NOT define the True Nature of our Soul Essence any more than what we call ourselves by name does. On the inside we are ALL ESSENTIALLY THE SAME, period.

Almost as soon as it was published – in many different places – I found that Part IV of my article was summarily buried. I became disheartened at this treatment and never finished the article. I guess I felt that if that was all the better the information would be welcomed that perhaps Humanity as a whole wasn’t ready for it yet. This even fully well knowing who had “buried it” the article in the first place; those who fear most losing their sense of self if they were to rise up out of the density which they had come to know quite comfortably as “home”. A very small group of Souls who have been here in physical form for a very long time, hardly changing at all except to switch out their physical form whenever they “wore out”. They are those who have perpetuated fear within the majority here on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, though most notably over the last century or so, simply because they had lost their ability to attain their energetic sustenance any other way. Quite simply, they feed off of fear and the “energy signature” that is created from it, the same way that you or I feed off of the energy within the food we eat – which I remind you here comes from once living things – plants and animals.

Universally speaking there are 3 ways that energetic sustenance can be obtained – Primary – directly from Source proper – the “zero point” you’ve heard tell of over the last few decades. In truth it is the “background” energy, the Love/Light/quantum energy from which EVERYTHING is made; Secondary – absorbing Love energy from another “Light Body” or Soul Essence which is known to have that direct connection with Source, such as sunlight; and Tertiary – absorbing energy basically “third hand” as a result of consuming physical form which contains that energy – such as the food that we typically eat to nourish our bodies. Any one of these methods of obtaining sustenance is available to us even as we are currently in physical form – the first two methods the knowledge of which has been kept from us because they are much closer to the “moment of our creation” and therefore a possible direct conduit to our inherent or innate knowledge of the True Nature of our Infinite Selves. So why would anyone want to keep that information from us? Perhaps because they themselves were afraid; afraid that if we became wise to or “remembered” such information, we would realize that we don’t HAVE to be here any longer at all in this current physical form, and at first chance of being able to do so, to beat it out of here, we would? Perhaps because if we DID leave here at the first opportunity, that their “meal ticket” would go with us?

Now, I know and understand that there may be some out there who are wondering, if I’m speaking about this at such length to try and bring this understanding to you that there is a small group of Souls on this planet who have been controlling our behaviors for a very long time in an effort to feed off of the energy that our fear gives off, am I not effectively perpetuating the perception of duality just as persons I have criticized in the past have done? Am I not bringing into our perception some sort of “divisive” element, thereby creating an even bigger rift between “us and them”?

No, I am not. I am simply explaining to you what has been done, why it was done and where we stand in whole as a result.

It seems that even within our current and newly enlightened state of awareness of what our True Nature really is, that we still live in tenuous times; uncertainty about what might happen at any moment lurks around every corner it would seem. And yet, why is that? Well, as you know, appearances can be deceiving. It really all depends on how you look at it, or rather in this case, how it is presented to you.

We, as a social system, have become quite accustomed to having our “reality” fed to us via media sources rather than relying on our own personal experience in our “here and now” to tell us what we are experiencing at any one moment. That being said, does it stand to reason that if YOUR main way of obtaining “nutritional” sustenance were by creating fear, and you yourself were in fear of losing that means by which to sustain yourself, that you would invent by any means possible, ways of holding onto that resource? Could this be one reason why it is that we see SO many sensational “stories” appearing in the media which has been used for so long now to control our behaviors in favor of those that generate fear – because the small group of Souls who are feeding off that fear have lost their hold on our Collective Consciousness, and our regained awareness of the True Nature of our Infinite Selves has catapulted us and our energy far out of their reach. They will do whatever they can to keep us here so that they won’t starve “to death”, not realizing, because of the “eons old” conditioning which they have put themselves through (“it’s the way we’ve ALWAYS done it”), that they too have ALWAYS had the ability to draw sustenance directly from the Universe proper and thereby doing so rise up out of the density in which they currently manifest within in physical form.

And that is in fact what is happening to them even as I type this; they too are in the process of Ascending into a higher “dimensional reality”. I know that there aren’t too many places where you will find the statement that “everyone gets to go this time”, but though few and far between, the statements are out there, and we meant what we said. EACH of us who are within this physical form today (and I don’t limit that to what we typically understand as “life forms”; EVERYTHING has Spirit/Source within it) made the Conscious decision prior to coming into our current physical form that we would do so knowing that at the specific “time” when we were ready, we would move up to the next level of being. It’s been a very gradual process for most of us, and with good reason, as you might have noted.

I myself have been a bit frustrated with my perception of how long it seems to be taking for some to realize that essentially, we are already “there”. And it is because of those who fear our departure that our focus is being held in the past, in a state of “manufactured” fear. But I suddenly realized last night as I laid in my bed thinking about it; WE are not afraid of THEM any longer. WE do have and have had a perception of ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL. And quite in fact it is no longer OUR fear but rather their own that they are feeding off of.

They are essentially consuming themselves from the inside out. Like embers from a once fierce and frightening blaze, motionless in the bottom of the furnace, slowly but surely turning to ashes. And from the ashes will come the inherent understanding, which we too now have, that they had never been separate from the Source of their Creation; that they still maintain the ability to attain sustenance directly from that Source, just as any of us have. And that from a standpoint of understanding the True Nature of their Infinite Selves, they are and always have been as We All Are; uniquely individual, yet essentially the same.

We are ALL trying to make our way home. Can we do it hand in hand, arm in arm, Heart to Heart?

It is time. The time is now, with arms and Hearts open wide, to welcome our Beloved “prodigal” Brothers and Sisters Home to our Family of Light. ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL; Once and for All.

I AM you and YOU ARE me and WE ARE ALL the same; Beautiful Beings of Light which make up the Collective Consciousness of our Infinite Selves. In Infinite Love, with arms and Hearts open wide, Welcome Home to Our Family of Light… Welcome Home!!


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