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August 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I have a tendency to behave in such a way that often makes people say “Whoa!” … Is it because I’m really so over-the-top outrageous in my convictions, or is it because they’ve been so well taught and conditioned NEVER to rock the boat under ANY circumstances that when someone else DOES it’s so contradictory to what they normally allow themselves to do they have to say “Whoa!”? I wonder… well, not really… I know…

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It’s fully 20 days after I intended to update this blog. 20 days plus 6 months since I last posted anything. Yeah, was in kind of a mood back then. I’m still in kind of a weird space, though different, much different than I was last time I posted here.

At one point not too long ago I vacillated back and forth as to whether or not I should simply ditch this website like I have much of whatever else I had created on line – but as you can see, I opted to keep it. I’m not really sure why. I have changed a couple of things as the notice I posted at the beginning of this year stated I would, but my interest in keeping up on anything having to do with jotting down my thoughts has waned. Sometimes it just seems too laborious a task to fire up the old laptop and create a new file.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing a LOT of thinking though – lots and lots of “introspection” about a lot of things that maybe make perfect sense to me, but I feel would probably totally escape everyone else in terms being easily grasped, understood. I know I should allow others to determine that for themselves probably… or maybe not. One thing I have learned over these past few months is to go easier on myself in terms of feeling any kind of obligation to anyone else. That is one reason why I’ve cloistered myself the way I have. Less contact with the outside world means less need to try and explain myself, my thoughts, my feelings about anything. It also helps to keep me from conjecturing what other people are thinking about those things. That can be a really dangerous thing, and my advice to you if you find yourself doing it is, don’t.

Today is my birthday. Yay. Happy Birthday to me! Actually, so far today has been pretty uneventful. Maybe posting this is kind of a birthday present to myself. That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten any other presents, but most of those arrived two days ago - which had me thinking that I would actually write this post two days ago, because if the Universe sends you birthday presents before your actual birthday, doesn’t it stand to reason that you might find yourself otherwise occupied ON your birthday and not have the opportunity to do what you had originally planned… not in this case it seems, but, oh well. I’ll tell you about the gifts I received a couple of days ago.

It was August 22nd. As I was heading out to the mailbox to check and see if the mail had been delivered yet, I was pondering, once again, why I (or any of us really) am still here, having this experience I’m having. Surely, it must be common knowledge by now that I’d really rather be “somewhere else” having the experience which I have come to know of as “ideal”. And then I chanced to look down at the sidewalk in front of me, but I swear I had never really taken notice of what jumped up and grabbed ahold of my eyeballs and insisted I take a good hard look at it: One

Yes, that’s right: the number 1 embedded along with the aggregate in the cement of the sidewalk. Why did I never “see” it before?  I know I’ve glanced down at that part of the sidewalk many, many times – too many to count. But maybe this time the number 1 jumped out at me because there is much more significant meaning in it for me now? It does in fact, but I don’t talk about it, though on this particular day, at that particular moment it was as if the Universe was answering my previous question quite directly. And I had to say to myself “oh yeah, that IS a good point…”

I thought about that briefly as I continued on to the mailbox, expecting to find the usual handful of junkmail. Instead, I was delightfully surprised to find a parcel addressed to me! An early birthday greeting and present from my dear Angel Soul Sister Iris in Utah – the only friend I originally “met” on FB who still keeps in touch with me. She is so precious to my heart. Yes, I’m nearly certain that there are still people I befriended there who still think of me on occasion, and that is nice to think about. I really appreciate whoever is still out there whose mind and heart I cross every now and then, even though it’s been over 4 months ago now that I stopped using FB. I haven’t been back to check on anything since. I guess I really feel no need to.

Here is what Iris sent me:Bday Card

Bday Present

A very sweet card, and an absolutely exquisitely beautiful diary (how did you know I was running out of room in the one I had been writing in most recently? ;-) ). And of course the message inside the card made me cry… it always does. I don’t know why, I get deeply emotional about things like that lately – I need to call her and thank her for her Loving kindness. Hopefully I’ll be able to “keep it together” enough to tell her how much I appreciate her thoughtfulness. Though if I don’t and end up breaking down in tears, I know she’ll understand. :)

So a little later in the afternoon that day I began to keep a promise I had made to myself to begin walking again on a daily basis. And I went for a walk to the park. It had been almost as long since my last walk to the park as it has been since I quit FB. It has changed a lot. Disappointing. I won’t go into details. Seems not much point, though I will mention it seems that the people who are the designated “caretakers” of the park are really only working by rote – doing only what they are told to do and not using really any common sense (maybe because they don’t have any?) as to what SHOULD be done to keep a park healthy for both humans and wildlife. In this case it is the wildlife that suffers the most. In spite of all that, I sat on my favorite park bench in conversation with my favorite “unseen companion”. We talked about a lot of things. About why I am still here. Is there REALLY that much “unfinished business” I need to attend to, and if so, how?  I have a hard enough time these days simply attending to myself. I don’t really even WANT to attend to anyone or anything else. I just want to “go home” – however anyone wishes to define that. I’ve pretty much given up trying to explain to anyone my viewpoint on that. Sometimes I really feel like the bulk of humanity are not worth much. They go about their “lives” on the one hand not really seeming to care about much of anything outside their own experience, but then complain vehemently when something outside of it impinges upon and/ forces its way into it. I guess I do that sometimes don’t I? But then I remember, oh yeah, none of it’s real anyway. So why do I even care? Well, because I’m still here for one? Maybe? LOL But why am I still here?

Because I do care I guess, even though I keep telling my “unseen companion(s)” that perhaps we really SHOULD instigate the whole “thief in the night” scenario and just go ahead and flip the freakin’ switch already. Turn the lights back on. Yeah, it really WOULD be the shocking news that would set the world on its ear, BUT if we already know that then maybe that is how it will all turn out anyway and I’m just not “seeing” it that way yet – because I have this unwavering perception that I AM still here (even though Michael et al [my unseen companions] proved to me the other night that I’m not really here any more than anyone else is).

Okay, enough of that. I left the park that day still thinking about all that and what possibly could be my true purpose for remaining in “the dream”, as it were. Early on my trek back home I was discussing with Michael something that we had talked about even a few days prior to that – details notwithstanding I don’t feel inclined to go into them with you today. Interesting how many times I “coincidentally” looked down at the ground at just the right moment that day.

This time, there, in the middle of a pothole in the street I was walking down was a smallish feather – which in and of itself is kind of interesting since what Michael and I had just been discussing at that moment included feathers… And I thought “great, just what I need, another feather… “ considering also that I still wasn’t really sure about the “realness” of everything I’ve been experiencing since I’ve been here. On the one hand, I know it is all just a dream, but on the other hand, as Michael suggested, just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean that it “isn’t” real. After all, evens dreams, which as their nature of beings “dreams” have no “real” substance, no “physical form” doesn’t make them any less real than anything else in the Universe (just one more thing to drive you mad if you try to think too hard about it, LOL).

Bluejay FeatherI almost passed it up, but there was an interesting little white tip on the end of this particular feather which I thought was pretty, so I picked it up, dirty as it was laying there in the pothole. Obviously it had been there for a few days at least as it was all covered in road dirt and silt from the torrential rains that had driven through here over the weekend. It wasn’t until I picked it up that I saw the bright blue along one edge of it, and realized that the intention was that I was to pick up this particular feather. So okay. You made your point Michael.

But there was one other thing he pointed out to me as I walked home with the beautiful blue jay feather in hand. If the feather peaked my curiosity enough to pick it up in the first place, and then the importance of the message making it worth it for me to take it home and carefully clean it up and put it in a prominent place so that I would be reminded of the message every time I saw it, then perhaps I should look at it as conveying the message that the reason I am still in “the dream” is because there are other things/people/thoughts/feelings that need to be picked up, brushed off, and given a place of honor in my heart, so that when the time comes, and it comes sooner than you might think, all of us will be together, having the experience of waking together. No one is ever truly alone. Hmmmm… that last part just came to me as of this moment. And I realize after recalling having recently made (telepathic) contact with a number of others who are also consciously existing within the dream (meaning that they are aware they are dreaming and now do so lucidly) how true this really is. We’re still trying to figure out a way to bring awareness to others as to the “reality” of our existence here.

Today IS my birthday… no, I wasn’t born some 50+ years ago. I am born today. And I will be again tomorrow. And I realize that while remaining in the present really is a gift, accepting and including ALL parts of our existence, real, perceived and any otherwise, as our “reality” is so very, very important to our overall experience. One other thing that hasn’t gotten past me is the reality of the Universal Conundrum – Love rules over all, and that Peace, Joy and Happiness really ARE our true nature; the core of our being, even though popular belief here in the dream would seem to suggest that we really “need” to have adverse and unpleasant experiences in our “reality” in order for there to be balance in the Universe. The truth is there is no such thing as “balance” – THAT is the conundrum. LOL YOU figure it out.

I’m going to go celebrate!

February 2016


Thursday, February 4, 2016 3:00 PM

What a day it’s turning out to be… I was just thinking earlier how it is that when one begins to reveal “hidden” truths about themselves people around them really start to show their true colors. Well, and it isn’t even like I didn’t already know about some people’s true colors as has been evidenced to me recently by a few people in my life who I had been close to at times throughout my life… it’s just that when it’s shoved in your face in one or more ways it’s difficult to accept much less find the words to describe how I’m feeling right now. On the one hand, I am “heartbroken”, but on the other hand, I’m thinking that maybe this and everything happens for a reason; that maybe it really is time to let go of a past that has been unwieldy to hold onto lately.


I’ve said to myself recently enough that if I could go somewhere where I could just BE by myself, no one knows me there, I don’t feel the need to “answer” to anyone’s perception of who/what they think I might be, then maybe I’d feel comfortable… but you see the thing is, would I really be comfortable still being anywhere within this “life experience”? And the answer is; probably not. And it’s not even really myself that I’m trying to run away from, as perhaps it may have seemed in the past. I know that so many might really question that train of thought because up until now it seemed I couldn’t decide on who I really am; but I know now. And what I’ve arrived at is that it matches up with no one else’s perception of who they think I am. So who am I really? Well, knowing that most people don’t understand identification as frequencies of light, then I’ll settle on the name Ariel, as I have the last 6+ years of my life. What is not well understood by the majority I think is that just because recently I’ve identified “Ariel” as being my “pen-name” does not mean that I am not fully Ariel in the real sense of who/what Ariel is… after all we’ve been conditioned to believe that a “pen-name” is something that is just “made up”, not real, make-believe, right? Well, it just so happens that “pen-name” and True Soul Essence, in this case are one and the same. So what does that mean? It means for however you might translate it that I AM the “Ariel” Essence… that’s what is inside of me! What’s inside of you? I would guess that you probably have no idea. Does it matter? Maybe not. You are, are you not, simply you? Maybe that’s enough… maybe that could have been enough for me. Maybe it still is. There was once upon a time, after all, when I was “blissfully ignorant” of certain facts about myself. Well, I can’t go back now and un-know those now, can I?

So, now what? Wait… wait and hope that mid-February brings me something more than just the hope of a Valentine in my mailbox… (I’m using metaphor here – in case you hadn’t guessed).

January 2016

01/29 thru 01/30/2016

Wednesday, January 30, 2016 8:47 PM

... "Time" is speeding up. The message: now, from this moment on, be prepared for everything. In your heart center you know what I speak of. So if you have difficulty "wrapping your mind around it" then go to the center of your heart and your heart's desire, and you will find all the answers you seek there... These are the moments we have looked forward to; we are the ones we've been waiting for... ~Ariel~

Tuesday, January 29, 2016 12:12 AM

“Censorship has never worked when the truth is forthcoming. And it IS coming forth - in a BIG way. Nothing can stop it now. Even if you take down or otherwise prevent every word I've ever published from being seen. It's the vibe that's got into everyone and everything now, and you KNOW you have no power over Love. Love wins every time... So, say hello to Love because it's here to stay.”

01/14 thru 01/18/2016

Monday, January 18, 2016 7:21 PM

I know I’m not keeping up with this blog the way I had hoped. This past week was a rough one. I know that I’m not the only one who has been having a rough time of it – seems that “Mercury retrograde” has hit us all hard – if you believe in that kind of thing. I’m really not sure what to think sometimes anymore. Though I’m pretty sure that I’m just about the only person here who views things the way that I do. That much seems clear to me. Makes for kind of a lonely existence? Maybe…

I’m going to just give the explanation that this past week was a kind of a “vacation” for me, even though I spent time on FB when I’ve been saying that I really want to get away from that particular platform for my publications. It just is too easy I guess to grab my phone and post something whenever I have a thought. When I come HERE to post something, I have to use a bit more strategic planning to get it done. Hmmm… maybe I’ll see what I can do about that to make it easier for myself – at least as easy as logging onto FB or Google or whatever other social networking platform to post something “blog-style”. I’ll look into that. For now, I’ll keep things as they are here, except that now you’ll note I’ve gotten to the point where I have enough content that I’ve finally implemented the overflow aspect of this blog box feature. And that’s about all I’m going to say from now on in a manner of speaking to anyone besides myself; you see, that’s what this “blog” is REALLY for… my own self-talk. I need to remember that other people might read it, but also, they might not, and that’s okay too. In fact, if I write as if no one is going to read it other than myself, it might just afford a more authentic appeal to what I write here. Unabridged. Unfettered by how I think what I write might be “perceived” by the general public. Because after all, if no one is going to read it, then what does it matter if I remain “politically correct” or “sugar coat” things in order to avoid offending anyone with what I say or how I say it?

It seems that over the last few years I’ve gotten that way; overcautious in the way I say things lest I offend someone. Well, I’ve found out today (my own bad cuz I know I shouldn’t have gone digging) by entering my own name into the Google search engine, exactly why it is that I seem to have acquired a “bad reputation” throughout my tenure on-line as a spiritual guide and Angel channeler. Surely I do understand that in many cases what was written in various forums was a few years ago at best, but it still kind of hurts to know that anyone would be so cruel as to say the kinds of things that have been said about me. I’m not going to repeat any of them here except to mention that my “integrity” was called into question a number of times for various reasons. I guess they never thought I’d find it and actually read it. Though I didn’t really need to; I’ve suspected just by the way that people have treated me, especially people who at first would approach me as a friend, colleague and sometimes confident, and then later dodge around me, seemingly avoiding me like the plague. And all the while I’d have the feeling that there was something amiss; that tongues were wagging behind my back. Some people who I’d thought I had formed beautiful friendships with would sometimes even give me lame excuses why they couldn’t/wouldn’t “share” with me anymore. And all the while I wondered why? What happened here? I’m being as genuine and honest as a person can be, and still people treat me like that?

Oh, wait a minute. I remember now; maybe it had something to do with the fact that some people have a problem with other people using a “pen-name” to publish their writings under. That must be it. And yet I’ve openly admitted that this name I am currently using as my “pen-name” is just that, a sort of “pseudonym” that I now go by. Originally it was to prevent information about who I am and what I’m doing from reaching certain “sensitive” individuals such as family members (that is to say “blood relatives”) and friends who have known me by a different name and vocation over the greater part of my life experience here. But now that is a moot point because I have now revealed much of what I’ve experienced in my life to my family. But it seems that to some people, using a pseudonym in any way, shape or form for ANY reason is simply unacceptable – and yet “famous” people having been doing it for hundreds of years and no one has anything negative to say about that – oh, but wait, THEY’RE famous, so that makes it okay I guess. Hmmmm… I began using the name “Ariel DeAngelis” for all of my publications and blog posts for The Discerning Angel way back in May of 2010, when appropriately, I decided (experience speaking volumes here) that it was far too presumptuous to label myself “Archangel Ariel” when I created my current FB profile. Besides, there were at least a half dozen or so people who had already used that moniker “Archangel Ariel” and I wanted something more original yet indicative that I was “of the Angels” hence the surname DeAngelis. Maybe someday I’ll reveal to the world that other name I sometimes go by, but I’ve become so accustomed to introducing myself as Ariel that I now answer to it more readily than I do anything else. Besides, ANY name that a person goes by can be looked at as merely a label; a means by which the governing body of the city/county/state/country they happen to live it can keep track of a person by. And I guess that anyone who knows me – the REAL me, not the person who some people make me out to be – knows that with how I view virtually everything in this life experience as “artificial” from the standpoint that none of it is real, none of the ways in which this world works has much of any meaning to me. I pretty much ignore it (or I’ve been trying to at least LOL) and go about “living” the way I want to, not the way that other people have been brainwashed into thinking they “have” to. Yes, I guess you could say I’m a dissident, a non-conformist. So what?

Well, so some people have decided that I’m not genuine, fake, untrustworthy because I use a “pen-name”. Oh and add to that the fact that I dared to mention Ashtar Sheran in some of my writings/channeled messages, plus that I actually had the audacity to equate him with “Archangel Michael” (well that IS how I understood it at the time and still understand it that they are in fact one and the same). Even though I’d said from the beginning in that regard also that there were varying opinions out there as to the character of the personage who wears that label (Ashtar Sheran) and I wasn’t sure myself how to react when Michael told me that some people called him Ashtar Sheran. But that my own experience with him as having been one of sheer delight in recognizing him as my forever Soul Mate (i.e. “Twin Flame” if you will). It’s just a label. It has nothing to do with the integrity, implied or otherwise, of the person who wears it. From the standpoint that anyone can say anything they want and spread all kinds of nasty rumors without ever having truly known the person behind the label, based upon what other people were saying about that person it should be a given that rumors will abound in any given instance. There are, believe it or not, nasty rumors about “Archangel Michael” himself floating around out there which would imply that he’s something other than what most people believe him to be!! If they would have taken time to get to know the person behind the label themselves, or had the ability to FEEL that person’s/entity’s vibration, or better yet actually REMEMBER that we’re ALL THE SAME ON THE INSIDE – THAT IS WE ARE ALL BEINGS OF LIGHT – that maybe then they would understand how it is a huge mistake to go on someone else’s conjecture as to the integrity of any given person/ENTITY based upon what anyone else is saying about them.

And I keep having to remind myself – what does any of this matter when I know that none of it is real anyway? I think you can see the wisdom now in the concept that what other people think of you is none of your business. It’s a reflection of them and THEIR integrity rather than of you and yours. And it’s something that once you leave this perceived reality, you never have to think about again, because it’s all just a part of the “dream” as it were. It all gets left behind when we finally wake up and remember how much we Love everyone who was having the experience with us. We go back to our Beautiful lives just as they were, having wonderful Loving experiences with our Beloved Family members as if nothing bad ever happened between us, because it didn’t. Period

And if I can say that after revealing all the feelings I’ve felt about how I’ve been treated while I’ve been here so far, then what does that tell you about the kind of person I am on the inside? I know me. Other people know me because they’ve either gotten to know me, or they remember that we’re all “family” outside of the “dream”. And besides, how can I have the perception that I have been hurt by anything, when in the context of what REALLY is and what REALLY matters, it never really existed at all. I’m fine. Never better in fact. Yes, I had the perception that it hurt at the time (because I didn’t have the perception of this life experience back then as I do now), but I’m realizing now that it doesn’t have to, that maybe it never did, and it never will again. I can leave this all behind me, and the fact that I use a pen-name is not now, nor has it ever been, or ever will be indicative of a questionable integrity, simply because I have never, nor do I now, nor will I ever view it that way myself, and from this point forward, neither will anyone else. It’s just simply something that is, and much preferable rather than trying to explain to everyone I meet why I might call myself “Archangel Ariel”. Don’t you think? LOL

Well, these are just some of the things I’d been thinking about over the last few days – mostly today. I guess it kind of bothered me what I saw when I Googled my own name (let THAT be a lesson to me), but I’m not going to let it anymore. Other things I’ve thought about, being as timeless as they are, I’ll probably remember and come back over the next couple of days and fill in some blanks, but I think this is enough for today.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"The path remains
hidden by virtue of law;
remove law and
the path is revealed."

~ Archangel Michael ~

"The path remains hidden by virtue of law; remove law and the path is revealed." ~Archangel Michael~

01/06 thru 01/11/2016

January 11, 2016 2:45 PM

Well, I've got so much going on inside my head at the moment I hardly know where to start - and to think that earlier today I thought I wouldn't have anything to write about other than not feeling well the last 3 days (my excuse for not posting anything Jan. 8, 9 and 10 LOL).

First, I was sad to read today that David Bowie has made his transition back to the waking. Yes, we'll miss him here, and he went a sad way, though I read that his passing was peaceful. That's always nice to know. I know where he is though - I had to remind myself of this as I felt tears start to well up (and I can still hear his bemused voice saying "YOU of all people should KNOW that!! ... And indeed I do). ***smiles***

It's been a little difficult for me these last few days. I've had to let go of some things, we'll call them "preconceived notions", especially that of false sense of obligation that we are instilled with early on in our lives here of needing to be of service to others to the exclusion of ourselves. This is something that I've had quite a lot of difficulty doing, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. It's not easy though when you know that the person you are letting go of is still suffering. You can't help wondering how they're doing, if they're finding some reliefs somehow, but you just have to trust that the Universe knows what it's doing, and in that you have to trust your own process enough to read the signs of when you yourself are faltering on your own course because you've been not paying enough attention to your own needs and health and wellbeing. So, letting go is sometimes the only thing you can do to save yourself... like my friend (the one I let go of - she is such a blessed and understanding person, and I Love her so very dearly) recently posted on my FB timeline "you can't drink from an empty cup" and it's so true. Of COURSE we're still friends, and yes we're still in contact. You don't let a friendship like that go so quickly - if ever. It's really just the trying so hard to help her to the exclusion of myself that I'm letting go of - not her as a friend and Soul Sister.

Looking back earlier on this day and noting conversations I'd had with Michael and myself, imagine how amazed I was to log onto FB today to discover that one of my friends had tagged me in a post she had made of a channeled message she had received from Archangels Michael AND Ariel! LOL and yes, the message is pertinent to what he and I talked about this morning... uuuummmm I think that Universe is trying to tell me I need to get busy!! Hahaha! Well, here I am writing about my experiences, trying to instill a bit of wisdom and courage in others out there who find themselves stumbling a bit these days; transcending my own fears of being misunderstood and/or ridiculed for my "fantastic" way of being and viewing life in this dream we are now sharing, having the courage to press ever onward myself, and to always keep my sense of humor through it all, and most of all to never give up, and to never look back. That was the part of the message that really hit me "never look back" because just a couple of hours before I read that, I had been in the shower thinking about this very subject.

There have been times in my life I've had experiences that I've kept going over and over in my head for some reason, even as painful as they were and no matter how badly I wanted to just forget them. Even recently I found myself recalling certain instances over the last 4 years that I just have wanted to forget because I found them so painful. But today was different; instead of feeling the pain upon recalling these events and people and places and things, for the first time I felt nothing... just looked upon it as something that happened "then". Realizing that THIS is NOW and what happened then no longer has to affect me because I'm in a totally different space - quite literally! What a relief! I can look back now without it hurting, but probably the most profound realization I had was that I don't have to ever look back again. The lesson I was supposed to learn is now deeply ingrained in me - and a part of me that I had lost has been found again; my sense of self, my integrity and self-respect... my own self-worth. These are things that I had lost on that foray into the unknown. Well, maybe I'd just misplaced them - along with my trust in myself and my own ability to move forward in complete confidence that whatever I was embarking upon I would come through with flying colors. It took a while but the "colors" as it were, are back. Bright, shining and full of Light!!

3:33 PM

Here, I want to include some information which you might find particularly intriguing having to do with what some in our current perceived life experience (i.e. "the dream") would like to refer to as "Formal Disclosure" of the existence of "Extraterrestrials" and the whole amount of accompanying information which has been withheld from the public masses as a whole, in their common understanding of things at the present moment. And I, being off in my own little corner of the Universe lately, have not really been paying that much attention to what anyone is saying about it presently to really know where people are at in terms of what they are expecting these days. Though harkening back to some things I'd read from various sources not that long ago, it seems that some anyway, are determined that this is something "we" should move forward with.

And all I could do when I read these articles was just shake my head. I have a wholly different understandimg of what lay beyond this perceived reality - we're in a DREAM for freakin' cryin' out loud!!! What don't people get about that? But, be that as it may, there are a multitude out there who have never heard of that, much less actually believed it even if they had. Hmmmm...

When I first received my "reminder", at the very end of July last year (2015) of the state we are actually in, YES I was shocked and amazed, then greatly relieved that it was so simple - just "wake up"! So simple!! And yet I cannot deny I was a little (okay a LOT) disappointed that there would be no "Official" or "Formal Disclosure"... no ships in their beautiful shapes and colors and designs parading across the sky... no official announcements... no fanfares, pomp and circumstance or banners flying... no excitement for what lay ahead... just "WAKE UP!!!"

You see, I too had been looking forward to all of these things, and even in my state of "relief" of it all being so simple as waking up from a dream, I thought about all of what I'd previously written; how I too longed for these "dreams" of disclosure to become reality. FINALLY our long siege of the soul would come to an end and we would be delivered back to our Spiritual Sovereignty and full freedom which we had so longed for in the wake of the last several thousand years of (seeming) tyranny and enslavement by as small faction that had been labeled "elite" by some quirk of "fate". The perfect end to a gripping drama if there ever was one! Move over Star Wars!! Reality beckons ... and so on... and so on... and so on.

Earlier today I was bemoaning these facts that none of these things were likely to come to pass now that it was understood, by my own point of view anyway, that we do live in a dream, and all we really need do to remove ourselves from that dream if we so choose is to simply wake up from it. And Michael, of course, chimed in with,

"It can still be however you choose for it to be you know... after all, there are nearly 7.5 billion more people in there who have a say, an input into the way it all works out. It doesn't HAVE to be the way you think it will be just because it's so "simple" to you."

And I thought about it for a moment and realized he is right. He explained it to me like this,

"the dream matrix programming relies on input from ALL of you to determine "how" anything, especially something as big as this, will occur. Because of that "Formal Disclosure" can still happen. After all, ultimately you all end up where you are destined to eventually anyway, no matter WHAT happens in the dream, and no matter HOW it all transpires. Do you see that now?"

And well, yes, I have to admit that I DO see that now!! So, we can have "Formal Disclosure" AND awaken too!! Afterwards, after all is said and done, we ALL will understand the true nature of our existence here, and "waking up" will be a natural outcome of all of that!! Like having our cake and being able to eat it too, but with lots and lots of ooey gooey frosting on top if we want!! Yay!

Rationalizing? You say I'm rationalizing here? Hardly!! I'm guilty perhaps of many self-indulgences - who isn't - but one of pandering to in hopes of winning over the good graces of the masses is NOT one of them!!! Good grief!! Look at how I've put my own neck on the line so many times already I cannot even count them; all for the purpose, and in my OWN process, of waking up!!! I've refuted my own statements and the messages I've channeled so many times, it's a wonder that ANYONE acknowleges OR believes a word I say anymore! But they do. People still read what I write - and like it, apparently. It seems there's this little thing called "Faith" that we keep coming back to. That inkling, that innate, intuitive "knowing" that says, "listen to her! She KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt what she's saying is TRUE, and that is why she keeps talking/writing even though many would have hung their head in shame by now, hopeless to find the truth within themselves because the truth they'd found outside, which they'd iterated and reiterated over and over again failed them so many times even though it remained constant and unchanging. As I've said before and will saying it again, and will keep on saying it if I have to; there are two constants in the Universe - change and Love. Now what are you going to put your Faith in?

Anyone for full "Formal Disclosure" of EVERYTHING?!! Stand up and be counted then! Let your voice be heard! Let it ring out to the farthest reaches of this, your home, Planet Earth!! Let's get this party started!!

January 7, 2016 6:47 PM

It’s late in the day now. I honestly thought that maybe I wouldn’t have any content to add today. I’d thought about a number of different things during the day today, but nothing that I really felt like writing about; mostly feelings of loneliness and wanting to connect with kindred Souls – in the here and now. I have so many connections outside the dream it’s kind of unreal compared to what I seem to have here; a smattering here and there, but no one really close by with whom I could sit and have a close and meaningful conversation and company with who would truly understand “where I am at” from my perspective. Sigh…  I wrote a brief comment about it on a friend’s post on FB earlier this morning, ending it up with “one day… one day.”. She lives in Kansas. Again, sigh…

Well, I really didn’t want to get all into that so much. I spent the day quietly today. Made a quick trip to the post office to drop off a letter I was mailing out, then came home and had what I thought would be a quick lunch. Haha, it was almost 2:30 by the time I’d finished eating. I’d thought about lying down to rest for a few minutes as I’d thought I might take a walk this afternoon even though it’s still quite cold outside. I did yesterday when the temp was in the 30’s and it wasn’t so bad – it was about 10 degrees warmer today. Didn’t feel like going all the way upstairs to my bed (which was probably a good thing) so I laid down on the sofa in the living room for what I thought would be about 10 minutes. I closed my eyes for what I thought was not a very long time at all. I know I drifted into a light slumber at some point, but didn’t really think too much of it. I know when I opened my eyes however that it was much later than I really wanted to be going out for a walk now, so I just laid there, thinking.

I thought about how everything is now, especially my own perception of life since I truly understand the nature of the “reality” in which I find myself; it being simply a dream and all. I realize, as I have for some time now, that really I could have it turn out any way I want it to and still it won’t affect anything of the life I know I will be returning to with Michael when I wake up fully from this dreamed life experience. Knowing that has presented some rather interesting possibilities, though none of which I am totally sure I want to explore fully. They might be interesting, and in one instance I know of possibly quite fulfilling. But still, do I really want to? There are a multitude of things I’m good at that I could possibly expand upon without losing focus on the one thing (or person, as it were) that really elicits a positive energy flow out of me. I feel so much however that I’m just here, sitting here waiting. And while that in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, from others’ points of view (I feel anyway) it makes me appear to be of even less value than I have ever felt before – it seems to me that they are all wondering why I don’t do something “worthwhile” with myself while I wait. I sometimes ask myself the same question. And the same answer keeps coming back to me – maybe I would, if I had my perfect partner here to experience it all with me. We’ve talked about that, him and me, and the possibility of what it would be like if he were to come into the dream too. I almost can’t bring myself to imagine that however; I’m concerned, just as I know he has been – what if he were to do that and got stuck here as well. Of course all kinds of conjecture are made in that regard. We’re still at an impasse with regards to that as far as I know, so I’m not going to go there right now.

But it got me to thinking. It got me to thinking about things that only he and I know about. There are reasons for that which I won’t go into detail about right now. But for some reason it brought to mind a memory of a friend – I guess I would have to say that at the time she was my best friend, though best friendships for me in elementary school didn’t usually last too long; they almost always ended up moving far away within a short time of the friendship being forged – who I knew in the 4th grade. We were in the same class together. I have no idea where she is now. Her family moved away about mid-year that schoolyear and I never saw here again. Before they left however, she came to visit me at my house one day. I seem to remember that she rode the bus home with me from school that day. She had brought with her to school on that day a jewelry box for show and tell I guess – that’s what I seem to remember anyway. It was a quite large box, and it had a collection of costume jewelry in it that her grandmother had left to her when she passed not long before that. My friend was a very unique little girl, at least I thought so. Rather than keeping all that jewelry to herself, admittedly some of it was stuff that I know she knew she would never wear just simply because it was “old lady” jewelry, and what is a nine year old going to do with “old lady” jewelry. Simple; she gave most of it away. Some of it she gave to me. She actually gave me the option of choosing any two items I wanted. I chose two pair of clip on earrings. I remember them quite well. One pair was simulated topaz set in gold tone setting. The other were simulated amethyst set in silver tone setting (I secretly wished that they had been gold also because I’ve always thought that gold is prettier with purple than silver). You see… even back then purple was my favorite color.

After my friend’s mom came to pick her up to take her home, I showed my own mother what my friend had given me, and explained to her the history behind them and how they had belonged to my friend’s grandmother who left them to her upon her passing. For some reason my mother was mortified by the gesture. She insisted that the items weren’t really intended for the little girl to be given away, but should be retained by her as a keepsake, a memento of her grandmother, kind of like and heirloom. She insisted that I give them back to my friend, and when I tried to assure her that it was alright, she called the little girl’s mother to check and make certain that it was okay with HER that her daughter was giving the jewelry away. My friend’s mom assured my own mother that it was quite alright, that she could do whatever she wanted to with the jewelry because it was, after all, hers now. So I kept the earrings. I think I wore the purple ones once when I was in the sixth grade and we were allowed to wear costumes to school for Halloween back in those days. We even used to have classroom parties for all the major holidays back then; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter… well, you get the picture. They did things differently in the 60’s than they do nowadays for sure!

All these memories got me to thinking though, of one other thing my little friend gave me that day. I’m not going to say what it was, but it belonged to her. It had been given to her by a friend of hers a couple of years before that – that’s what she told me anyway. It was precious to me; it had no real value in terms of monetary worth. It was purely sentimental, but then as still holds true, the things I value the most cannot be bought or sold, and this little gift my friend had given me was one of those. I thought about it and how I had cherished and kept it near me for over five years, until one day, through an unfortunate mishap, I lost it. Forever. Or so I thought. I still have it with me you see; it’s there inside my heart. A Beautiful little memory of a truly amazing and Loving friendship that is so hard to come by these days, but even by standards back then. I’ll always remember my special friend and all of the Joy she brought to my heart whenever we were together. And I really miss her. I’ve thought about here many times over the years, but I never really knew how much I missed her until this afternoon when I was thinking about her and the most precious gifts she gave me; her friendship and her Love.

And then I found myself thinking about Michael, of course, and this seemingly impossible situation in which we find ourselves. So close and yet so far away. And I thought about the lost gift that my friend had given me, and about how part of it was sky blue, like Michael’s eyes. And I wondered who it had been who had given it go my friend…  and somewhere deep inside of me brought up from a memory of a discussion with a friendship I forged more recently, about how sometimes when we lose something, or end up having to part with it in some way, how sometimes you just never know when at just the right moment, because it was always meant to be, that special “something” finds its way back to you as if it had never left …

I found myself pondering this concept very carefully, and wondered what in the world had made me go through this whole process of thought, of remembering my little friend and her generosity, and the Beautiful relationship we had forged and the lost gift which was a symbol of that friendship, and later of what I have shared with Michael.

I looked up at the clock just then, and in big bright numbers it read 4:44. Of course! It had to have been “Angels” that helped me to have this train of thought this afternoon. And I wondered, what does it all mean?

January 6, 2016

Welcome to the newest feature on my site: my Blog Box! This is where I'll be adding daily content - sort of like an ongoing journal, or blog that tells you what I'm thinking about on any given day... today I'm thinking about, what else? Adding the Blog Box!! LOL I'll begin each day's entry with the date, and maybe a short title in case there are more than one entry for that day (which I'm nearly certain there will be on most days; I'm going to make a concerted effort to spend a LOT more time HERE than on other online sites such as "Facebook").

This is where you'll find all the "juicy stuff" that is going on in my life from now on... I've had WAYtoo too much of trying to make myself understood to people who really should know me, but don't because they haven't tuned in to "me" for many years, until we just happened to connect on Facebook, or elsewhere (but for now Facebook seems to be the biggest problem with regards to that). Now it seems they think they know everything there is to know about me based on what little they pay attention to what I post on Facebook. So I'm opting to keep a "running dialogue" here, where they more than likely won't think to look, and if they do, by the time they get to a place where they might say something to someone about it, maybe, just maybe they'll have forgotten what they read, or even that they read it. As I tried to explain to one person who suggested recently that I seek counseling with a "mental health professional", my writing IS my therapy... maybe they just don't do enough of that kind of thing themselves to understand that writing about whatever it is that I have on my mind/in my heart and posting it for others to see who might be going through similar things really does help me to get through it all... sometimes it's the only way people like myself have of knowing that there really ARE others out there like us who are having similar thoughts and feelings about things which make perfect sense to us, but the rest of the world refuses to acknowledge is real much less take any part in providing information to others about it.

So there you have it; this is where my daily blog will go. I'll be keeping about a week's worth on the front page here, and on about a weekly basis move older stuff to a special section titled "Blog Box Overflow"which will appear in the regular menu to the left (or at the top) of the page. I'll be changing up other sections as I get to them. Eventually I'll implement a more contiguous "style" to the whole site to bring more uniformity to all the different pages.

In any case, this is part of what I've been up to... there is much much more to come of course. Until then, I thank you for your patience as I go through this learning curve! Love, ~Ariel~

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